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When I was commissioned to create a film poem for CAGED Arts as part of The React Poetry Project (an O2 Think Big Project), it made sense to record my spoken word piece ‘For Russia With Love.’ It’s about sexuality & the situation in Russia and was filmed by the wonderful Gerard Hughes as part of Terrapin 5. 

The response to this poem has been humbling. As well as gaining international attention including a very positive response from a number of Russian LGBT groups it also featured at  ‘We’re Here’ a queer film screening and art exhibit as part of Brighton Pride 2015. It was also published on ‘I Am Not a Silent Poet’ a site devoted to voices that speak out against abuse.



Three of my poems; Consensual, Daily Mail Order Bride and So Your Wife were published by Sicklit Magazine in November 2015.

You can read the piece online here:


My poem ‘Artists with Dirty Fingers’ featured in Issue 3 of Under The Fable Literary Magazine in November 2015.


It was an honour to be approached by artist Gabriella Gardosi and asked if she could display my poem ‘Artists with Dirty Fingers’ on the wall of her new studio. Her work is aesthetically breathtaking as well as deeply insightful, revealing the intimacy of subconscious thought as well as meaningful recurrent motifs.

You can explore her work here:

We’ve spoken about the potential of a collaboration, so watch this space and listen closely.



Still Life – by Terrapin 5 Productions

Here is a short film that I wrote as part of Terrapin 5 Productions, an independent film collective of which I am a founding member.



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